All About Helium Miners

Helium Miners

The People’s Network is powered using blockchain technology. This network uses a new incentive model called the Helium Blockchain.

A New Kind of Crypto Miner

Mining Helium is done by installing a small device on your office window, and then you get paid in Helium for providing wireless internet access. You only use 5 watts of power when you’re mining, but your hotspot provides miles of wireless network coverage.

The Helium Community

Helium was created because there were no existing solutions that allow people to earn cryptocurrency while sharing their Wi-Fi signal. We believe that everyone should be able to make money from something they love doing.

Helium is an open source project. Anyone can join our community and help us build out the platform. If you would like to learn more about how we planHow Does Mining Work?

In order to mine Helium, you will need to install a small piece of software onto your computer. Once installed, it will start searching for other computers within range. When it finds one, it will automatically connect to them and exchange information.

Once connected, you will receive a reward based on the amount of data transferred. This process repeats until you run out of time.

How do I earn HNT?

Participants are rewarded for contributing to the network by receiving HNT.

How Do I Earn More HNT?

You can increase your earnings by increasing the number of signals you contribute. For

Proof-of-Coverage Hotspots are randomly and automatically assigned proof-of-coverage tests to complete. Passes and witnesses earn HNT.

If you pass the test you will earn 1HNT per successful test. If you witness the test, you will earn 0.5HNT per successful test

If you fail the test, you will lose 2HNT per failed test.

How Do I Increase My Signal Strength?

To increase your signal strength, you must purchase a new antenna. Antennas come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some antennas are designed to fit into specific locations such as walls, ceilings, or windows. Others are designed to sit outside where they can pick up the strongest signal.

When choosing which antenna to purchase, consider what kind of environment you’ll be using the hotspot in. Will it be indoors or outdoors? Is the space large enough to accommodate multiple antennas?

What Are Proof Of Coverage Tests?

A proof of coverage test is a way to measure the quality of a hotspot’s signal. In order to perform a test, you’ll need to find a location that has good reception. You can use a smartphone app like Google Maps or Apple Maps to determine if a place has good reception.

After finding a suitable location, download the app and select “Test Network” from the menu bar. Then tap “Start Test”.

The app will scan for available networks and display a list of results. Select the best performing network and then wait for the test to finish.

After completing the test, the app will show you the details of the test including:

1. Number of passes

2. Number of witnesses

3. Percentage of success

4. Time remaining

5. Total earned HNT

6. Average speed (Mbps)

7. Speed during peak periods (Mbps)

8. Speed when the device is not moving (Kbps)

9. Latency (ms)

10. Jitter (ms)

11. Packet loss (%)

12. RSSI value

13. Received power

Relay Device Data Hotspots earn HNT for each device connected to them. The more devices connected to them, the more they earn.

The Value of HNT

 Millions of compatible devices can use the People’s Network and each needs data credits in order to send data out onto the internet. The number of data credits required depends on how many people are connected to the network. The more people who connect to the network, the more data credits are needed. This means that the more people who connect to this network, the more HNT you need to burn. As well as making money, deploying hotspots helps local business build powerful new wireless devices.

People’s Network is an open platform for developers to create apps that make the most of the People’s Network. These apps range from tools to help you manage your account to games that let you compete with friends around the world.

People’s Network is a free service. It doesn’t cost anything to join. However, we do ask for donations so we can keep developing new features and improving our services.

Mining and Token Rewards There is no exact formula for calculating your earnings. However, there are some higher-level concepts, design elements, rules, and guidelines to keep in mind when designing your game. These include things such as how many tokens you should give out per day (for example, if you’re giving out 1,000 tokens per day), how often you want players to be able to spend money (for example, once every 10 days), and how frequently you want new items to drop (for example, once per week).

How Do Hotspots Earn Helium Tokens?

Hotspots are rewarded for providing wireless coverage and helping verify the Helium Network. A new type of reward was added to the protocol called “PoC” (Proof-of-Coverage). This new reward incentivizes Hotspots to provide coverage. Hotspots who create challenges and submit receipts to the blockchain are rewarded. Hotspots who transmit packets are also rewarded.

Yes, you must actively participate in the network to earn rewards. You do not need to be active on the network to receive rewards.

You won’t need to do anything after deploying the app. Your Hotspot will automatically start earning HNT tokens by performing all of the above tasks.

Hotspots have a chance to win additional rewards based on their performance. For example, if a Hotspot has a high percentage of successful connections, it could win a bonus prize. If a Hotspot has a low latency or jitter, it could win a discount on its next transaction fee.

If you deploy a Hotspot without any users, it will still generate revenue for you. However, you’ll only get paid for the first month of operation. After that, you’ll only get payments for the amount of time your Hotspot is online.

What Are PoCs?

Proof-of-coverage (PoC) is a new reward mechanism introduced to the Helium Protocol. PoCs are awarded to Hotspots who successfully cover other Hotspots. They are similar to the way that Bitcoin mining works. When someone sends a packet through the network, they are given a proof-of-work which is recorded on the blockchain. PoCs are awarded for the same reason. PoCs are used to determine whether a Hotspot covers another Hotspot. In order to receive a PoC, a Hotspot must meet certain criteria. The criteria are:

The Hotspot must be running at least one hour.

The Hotspot must have connected to at least 5 different Hotspots.

The Hotspot cannot be offline more than 30 minutes.

The Hotspot must then broadcast this information to the network. Once these conditions are met, the Hotspot receives a PoC.

Once a Hotspot receives a PoS, it will begin receiving regular payments from the network.

How Does My Hotspot Work With Other Hotspots? Each Hotspot connects to other Hotspots via Bluetooth Low Energy. It does so using the BLE Mesh Discovery Service. As long as two Hotspots can see each other, they can connect with each other. If two Hotspots are within range, they can communicate with each other. To make sure that two Hotspots can see one another, they must both be broadcasting their presence. This means that they must be advertising themselves on the network.

Can I Run Multiple Hotspots At One Time?

Yes! You can run multiple Hotspots simultaneously. All you need to do is pair them together.


I think the answer is no.

It’s true that the application needs to be installed on every device but there is nothing stopping me installing the app on my phone

Calculate HNT Profit

Determining HNT mining profit isn’t as simple as other blockchain networks. With HNT, you can earn HNT for providing the wireless hotspot service, completing challenges, and witnessing challenges in your area. You earn less HNT when there aren’t any other miners in your area because you won’t be able to complete many challenges. There is a saturation point, however, where too many hotspots doesn’t help to provide more challenges. The network favors broad-coverage over extremely dense coverage. Once there are enough hotspots in an area to cover the entire area and issue/welcome challenges, additional hotspots won’t increase the number of challenges issued.

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